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01/22: Call for consultants for the development of a sustainable fishing plan for the future marine and coastal protected area of Jbel Moussa in Morocco


As part of the implementation of two regional projects, namely (i) the regional project "Empowering the legacy: Scaling up co-managed and financially sustainable No-Take Zones/Marine Protected Areas" (NTZ/MPA Project), financed by the MAVA Foundation and (ii) the regional project "Towards achieving the good environmental status of the Mediterranean Sea and coast through an ecologically representative and efficiently managed and monitored network of marine protected areas" (“IMAP-MPA Project”), funded by the European Union (EU), UNEP/MAP-SPA/RAC is launching a call for consultants to develop a sustainable fishing plan in the future marine and coastal protected area of ​​Jbel Moussa in Morocco.

The mission to be undertaken will define based on the gathered information and according to the commitment of the stakeholders, a detailed work plan to implement a participatory and integrated management of the fishing sector at site level, with a special focus on incidental and illegal fishing and their impacts on marine habitats and vulnerable species.

The terms of reference including the conditions of participation, evaluation procedure and any other useful information related to this call for tenders, are available on the following link.