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02/18: 6th Mediterranean conference on marine turtles: Registration open

Med Turtles

The 6th Mediterranean conference on marine turtles is scheduled for 16-19 October 2018 in Croatia. The deadline for a written proposal submission is April the 1st 2018

The Mediterranean conference on marine turtles is a joint initiative by the secretariats of the three international conventions pertaining to the conservation of marine turtles in the Mediterranean, namely the Barcelona convention (SPA/RAC), the Bern convention and the Bonn convention (CMS), with the scientific support of the IUCN/SSC’s Marine Turtle Specialist Group.

Its main objective is to give the opportunity to marine turtle scientists and conservationists working in the Mediterranean to share the most recent scientific and technical knowledge and management experience on Mediterranean marine turtle biology and conservation issues. It also aims to provide a platform for raising the awareness of decision-makers and the general public about the most urgent problems facing marineturtles in the Mediterranean region.

The organization of 6th Mediterranean conference is led by the Department of Biodiversity of the University of Primorska and is scheduled for 16-19 October 2018 in the city of Porec, Croatia.

Therefore, you are invited to submit a written proposal submission, which should contain working title and a short description, no later than 1st of April 2018 to Dr. Bojan Lazar (University of Primorska, Slovenia), President of the 6th conference: bojan.lazar@hpm.hr

The website of the conference is currently under construction and will be available soon at the address http://marine-turtles.eu.

Facebook page: @MedTurtleConf2018

Photo: SPA/RAC, Artescienza