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08/14: Training session on marine habitats mapping at Monastir (Tunisia)

MedKeyHabitats Training 2014

From 17 to 24 August 2014, RAC/SPA has organised a training session at the Kuriat Islands (Monastir - Tunisia) that's been animated by experts from Tunisia, France, Spain, and Italy.

This training session will be continued in the other sites of the beneficiary countries during two years in order to realise accurate and precise maps of the marine habitats of conservation interest in the goal of assisting the partner countries to implement the appropriate measures in relation to the priorities of the SAP-BIO and the recommendations of the Action Plans for the conservation of marine vegetation , the conservation of the coralligenous and other calcareous bio-concretions in the Mediterranean Sea and the conservation of dark assemblages of the Mediterranean Sea (marine caves, canyons, etc…). That is in fact one of the aim of the MedKeyHabitats project which is entitled Mapping of key marine habitats in the Mediterranean and promoting their conservation through the establishment of Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI) and in which framework this training session has been realized.

This project which will total 30 months (December 2013 - Mai 2015) and which has a budget of approximately 1 Million Euros, is concerning Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Albania, Croatia and Montenegro.