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Monitoring and assessing the work of RAC/SPA

To make sure that its activities are transparent, RAC/SPA is subjected to several kinds of check.

  • MEDU continuously supervises RAC/SPA’s actions and coordinates its relations with other MAP centres.
  • The NFPs meet every two years to assess the Centre’s activities, evaluate them and update the programme of work and the list of projects to be revived. The centre’s budget for the coming years is also discussed by the NFPs and subsequently submitted to the Meeting of the Contracting Parties for approval and adoption.

At each of their Meetings, the National Focal Points for SPAs assess the progress made in implementing the Action Plans based on the national reports and a report drafted by RAC/SPA concerning the implementation at regional level.

In the light of this assessment, the Meeting of National Focal Points for SPAs suggests recommendations to be submitted to the Contracting Parties and, where necessary, proposes amendments to the schedule appended to the Action Plans.

  • Also, in the framework of its activities RAC/SPA makes sure to keep up links of collaboration and consultation with many intergovernmental or non-governmental organizations. The aim of such links of collaboration is to avoid duplication of work and promote mutual consultation and the exchange of information. This collaboration leads to special partnerships being established with some organizations.