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MedPosidonia project cited as a pilot project

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 MedPosidonia project cited on the MEDCOAST Rhodes declaration
as pilot project

The Tenth International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, MEDCOAST 11 was organised in Rhodes, Greece, during 25-29 October 2011 and was attended by 117 participants representing 25 countries.

As Part of the recommendations of this conference addressed for the attention of national, regional and international institutions dealing with coastal and marine issues, the efforts made by RAC/SPA for the setting-up of the MedPosidonia project (Project to develop the inventorying, mapping and monitoring of Posidonia meadows in four Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Turkey) were highlighted and welcomed in the context of the creation and functioning of decentralized networks aiming at cooperative efforts to improve coastal and marine management practices.

The MEDCOAST’s Rhodes Declaration can be reached through the following link.