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The state of the marine and coastal environment in the Mediterranean region

TitleThe state of the marine and coastal environment in the Mediterranean region
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1996
Keywordsapproche générale, biodiversité, biodiversity, changement climatique, climate change, environment, environnement, impact, Mediterranean sea, Mer Méditerranée, monitoring, trend

The previous (Jeftic et al., 1990) and the present document on the state of the Mediterranean environment are based primarily on information and/or data submitted to the Coordinating Unit by: (i) the Contracting Parties and their specialized environmental and marine scientific institutions; this information is itself basically that obtained in the context of MAP projects undertaken by the aforementioned institutions; (ii) the MAP Regional Activity Centres, through their regular activities, which are approved by the Contracting Parties; and (iii) UN agencies cooperating with UNEP. This document is based on information collected up to March 1995. In a few cases only, it contains information obtained after this date. The principal aim of a periodic review is to allow the Contracting Parties to evaluate, as far as possible, trends in the state of the marine and coastal environment, in general, to enable them to deal with new environmental problems, as and when they arise and are confirmed by the results of scientific investigation, monitoring and environmental impact assessment.