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Management of living resources in the marine reserve of Tabarka Island (Alicante, Spain)

TitleManagement of living resources in the marine reserve of Tabarka Island (Alicante, Spain)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsRamos A-A, Bayle-Sempere J
JournalBulletin de la socièté zoologique de France
Keywordsartificial reef, buffer zone, comparison, environment, fish, fishery, fishing prohibition, island, management, marine protected area, marine reserve, Mediterranean sea, no-take area, policy, protected area, Spain, Tabarca, trawling, visual census, western Mediterranean, zoning

The Marine Reserve of Tabarca is intented to be a protected zone of the environment ans also an area which is subject to a rational management policy, permitting traditionnal fishing methods, such as selective artisanal techniques, in use around the island, depending on locality and season. Bearing this inming, an extensive zone (1400ha) has been divided into three areas, each subject to a different degree of management : an integral, protecting area, a dumping area, and a transitional or peripheria area. Fishing activities (fiwed inshore trap nets or morunos ans trawl-lines or curricanes) are allowed in the second and the thrid areas. In order to protect certain zones, some structures which prevent trawling (wooden bulls, cubis concrete blocks) were sunk. A pyramidal, alveolar reef was also exposed in order to observe fish behaviour.

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