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Biodiversity issues for the next coming tropical Mediterranean Sea

TitleBiodiversity issues for the next coming tropical Mediterranean Sea
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
JournalBiologia Marina Mediterranea
Keywordsanalyse de scénario, biodiversité, biodiversity, biogéographie, biogeography, climate, climate change, espèce d'eau chaude, Mediterranean sea, Mer Méditerranée, temperature, tropicalisation, tropicalization, warm-water species, warming

There is now substancial evidence that the climate of our planet is in a phase of change and that, for instance, the average surface temperature of the sea is increasing. While the long-term effects of this warming are still debated, the responses of the marine biota are already visible. The Mediterranean Sea, the widest marine warm-temperate region in the world, forms a sort of climatic and biogeographic hinge between tropical and temperate seas. Present-day Mediterranean biodiversity is undergoing rapid alteration: because of the increased occurence of warm-water biota, it has been said that the Mediterranean is under a process of "tropicalization".



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