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03/23: Call for consultancy to elaborate a draft sub-regional Action Plan on species introduction for the Eastern Mediterranean

Caulerpa cylindracea & Asparagopsis armata - Jebel Moussa Morocco ©SPARAC, University of Seville

Deadline for submission: 14 March 2023









Among marine ecosystems disturbed by invasion, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea underwent the most intense and exceptionally rapid changes in terms of number of arrivals, number of established species and related impacts with respect to other Mediterranean subregions. These profound alterations are now fostered by climatic changes and other anthropogenic drivers, which are rendering the Eastern Mediterranean (EMED) a more favourable environment to tropical invaders, at the expenses of their native analogues.

SPARAC is launching a call for consultancy with the aim to elaborate a sub-regional Action Plan on non-indigenous species and species introduction for the Aegean-Levantine Basin based on the national Action Plans, in order to coordinate and step up the efforts made by the countries of the sub-region to prevent and control the introduction of alien species.

For more information, please read the Terms of Reference.