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12/22: Call for consultancy on IMAP Candidate Indicator 24 related to marine litter


The aim is to elaborate updated Baseline Values and a proposal for establishing Threshold Values for IMAP Candidate Indicator 24.







In 2016, the 19th Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention adopted marine litter Baseline Values (Decision IG.22/10) for the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast (IMAP) Common Indicator 22 (CI22) (i.e. Beach macro-litter), Common Indicator 23 (CI23) (i.e. seafloor macro-litter, and floating micro- and macrolitter), and Candidate Indicator 24 (i.e. affected (%) sea turtles and ingested (gr) marine litter).

With the view to further updating the marine litter assessment criteria and related baseline values for IMAP EO10 Marine Litter, UNEP/MAP in 2021 updated the BV and established TV for IMAP CI22, and is currently working in updating and establishing relevant values also for IMAP CI23 and Candidate Indicator 24.

Within the framework of the Marine Litter MED II (2020-2023) project and the UNEP/MAP Programme of Work (PoW) for 2022-2023, SPA/RAC has been assigned the task to coordinate the elaboration and preparation of updated BV and a proposal for establishing TV for IMAP Candidate Indicator 24.

The main objective of this assignment is to update the 2016 Baseline Values (BV), and to recommend the establishment of Threshold Values (TV) for IMAP Candidate Indicator 24, and in particular for ingestion and entanglement on marine turtles, based on the data that will be made available to SPA/RAC and the Marine Litter MED II Project Management Unit (MED POL).

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Proposals must be received at the following e-mail address, car-asp@spa-rac.org, before  4 January 2023 11:59 pm UTC+1 (Tunis Time).

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