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05/22: Call for consultancy for the evaluation and updating of the Mediterranean action plan on species introduction


The updated Action Plan will be submitted in 2023 to the Mediterranean countries for adoption, in the framework of the Barcelona Convention.







The Action Plan concerning species introduction and invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea (NIS Action Plan) is a medium-term regional strategy developed in the framework of the Barcelona Convention and the SPA/BD Protocol.

The main objective of the NIS Action Plan is to promote coordinated efforts and management measures throughout the Mediterranean region in order to prevent, minimize and limit, monitor, and control marine biological invasions and their impacts on biodiversity, human health, and ecosystem services.

Being adopted in 2003 and updated for the third time in 2016, the Action Plan need is due to be updated in the 2022-2023 biennium, as requested by the Barcelona Convention COP 22, in December 2021.

The consultant to be hired by SPA/RAC for this activity will have to provide a report on the status of implementation of the Action Plan and propose a draft updated Action Plan.

The terms of reference are available on the following link.

The deadline for submission is 13 June 2022.