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12/14: 4th Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop (MSW)

Posidonia Meadow - By Yassine Ramizi Sghaier

Within the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan for the Conservation of the conservation of marine vegetation in the Mediterranean Sea, and in order to assist the Mediterranean countries to develop their national capabilities in the field of marine vegetation conservation, the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA) will promote the attendance of participants and students from the countries concerned by the Medkeyhabitats project: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Montengro, Albania and Croatia to the “Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop (MSW)” which will be organized in Oristano, from 18 to 22 May 2015.

The 4th Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop will be held in Sardinia (Italy), hosted by the International Marine Centre of Oristano. The MSW aiming to collect together researchers involved in studies of Mediterranean seagrasses to present results of current research and discuss issues related to the management and conservation of marine and coastal environments of the Mediterranean.

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