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01/14: A new toolkit published by MedMPAnet project

Stakeholder Participation Toolkit for Identification, Designation and Management of Marine Protected Areas

Collaboration between RAC/SPA and IUCN tends, among other, to assess and support Adriatic countries’ priority needs for legal, policy and institutional reforms to strengthen the creation processes and the management of Marine Protected Areas.

Within this collaboration, the production of a Stakeholder participation toolkit adaptable to each country is a way to fulfill one of the major targets aiming at providing strategic orientations for stakeholders’ participation in MPA management and planning with view to improving good governance of MPAs.

In that process, RAC/SPA has produced, through the MedMPAnet project, and in collaboration with IUCN, a new English toolkit, entitled "Stakeholder participation toolkit for identification, designation and management of marine protected areas".

This new toolkit can be downloaded at this link.