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Amendment of Annex II of the SPA/BD Protocol

As it is envisaged by articles 14 and 16 of the SPA/BD Protocol, the Annexes II and III of the Protocol were amended by the 16th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties in November 2009 in Marrakech (Morocco).

Following these amendments the new list of the marine vegetation species listed under Annex II and to be considered by the Action Plan, is the following:

  • Magnoliophyta
    • Cymodocea nodosa
    • Posidonia oceanica
    • Zostera marina
    • Zostera noltii
  • Chlorophyta
    • Caulerpa ollivieri
  • Heterokontophyta
    • Cystoseira genus (except Cystoseira compressa)
    • Fucus virsoides
    • Gymnogongrus crenulatus
    • Kallymenia spathulata
    • Laminaria rodriguezii
    • Sargassum acinarium
    • Sargassum flavifolium
    • Sargassum hornschuchii
    • Sargassum trichocarpum
    • Sphaerococcus rhizophylloides
  • Rhodophyta
    • Lithophyllum byssoides (Synon. Lithophyllum lichenoides)
    • Ptilophora mediterranea
    • Schimmelmannia schousboei
    • Tenarea tortuosa
    • Titanoderma ramosissimum (Synon. Goniolithon byssoides)
    • Titanoderma trochanter