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09/12: Publication of English version of a guide on the Protection & Conservation of Posidonia meadows

Protection and Conservation of Posidonia oceanica meadows

The "Protection and Conservation of Posidonia oceanica meadows" guide was initially edited in French in 2006, then in Italian in 2008 by the secretariat of RAMOGE (Agreement relative to the protection of the marine and coastal environment of a zone in the Mediterranean Sea).

This guide, written by a group of French and Italian experts, under the coordination of GIS Posidonie and with the participation of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, reviews the actual state of knowledge on the Posidonia oceanica and the meadows it constitutes. Through concrete case studies, it summarizes the information for an optimal respond to the different problems of protection and conservation of Posidonia meadows facing managers and policy makers involved in coastal management.

In order to disseminate this important work to the entire Mediterranean scientific community, and with the agreement of RAMOGE agreement's secretariat, RAC/SPA has undertook, with the support of Okianos, the translation to the English language, the edition and the publication of this technical tool.

It should be emphasized that the translation/edition has been made with the agreement of the authors of the original guide (Boudouresque & al.), who introduced important changes and updates to this document.

The English version of this guide, as well as the original French one can be downloaded through these links:

For any further information: atef.ouerghi@rac-spa.org