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Extraordinary Meeting of the Focal Points for SPAs

(Istanbul, Turkey, 1st June 2010)

Working Documents
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/1 rev.2 Provisional agenda
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/2 rev.1 Provisional annotated agenda
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/3 rev.1 Identification of potential sites in open seas including the deep sea that may satisfy SPAMI criteria
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/4 Concept note for a study on legal and institutional issues related to the setting up and management of SPAMIs located wholly or partially in Mediterranean areas beyond national jurisdiction
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/5 Report of the Extraordinary Meeting of Focal Points for SPAs
Information documents
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.1 Provisional list of participants
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.2 Provisional list of documents
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.3 Overview of scientific findings and criteria relevant to identifying SPAMIs in the Mediterranean open seas, including the deep sea
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.4 Fisheries conservation management and vulnerable ecosystems in the Mediterranean open seas, including the deep sea
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.5 Report presenting a georeferenced compilation on bird important areas in the Mediterranean Open Seas
UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.348/Inf.6 Technical report on the Geographical Information System developed for Mediterranean Open Seas
UNEP(DEPI)/MED     WG. 348/Inf.7 International legal instruments applied to the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean region and Actors responsible for their implementation and enforcement