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Ecological responses to recent climate change

TitreEcological responses to recent climate change
Type de publicationJournal Article
Année de publication2002
AuteursWalther GR, Post E, Convey P, Menzel A, Parmesan C, Beebee TJC, Fromentin JM, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Bairlein F
Mots-clésclimate, climate change, ecosystem, environment, fauna, flora, global change, global warming, impact, phenology, trend, warming

There is now ample evidence of the ecological impacts of recent climate change, from polar terrestrial to tropical marine environments. The responses of both flora and fauna span an array of ecosystems and organizational hierarchies, from the species to the community levels. Despite continued uncertainty as to community and ecosystem trajectories under global change, our review exposes a coherent pattern of ecological change across systems. Although we are only at an early stage in the projected trends of global warming, ecological responses to recent climate change are already clearly visible.

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