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Climate change, small island developing states

TitreClimate change, small island developing states
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2005
Mots-cléschangement climatique, climate, climate change, climate extreme event, convention, évènement climatique extrêm, hausse du niveau de la mer, impact, petite île, réchauffement, sea level rise, small island, warming

"Since the negotiations that led to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change began, one group of Parties has been particularly active and vocal: the small island developing States, or SIDS.Why is climate change so important to SIDS? The answer is simple: these small nations are among the most vulnerable to climate change impacts, which will become critical if no appropriate action is taken. Many islands are threatened by rising sea levels. Another growing concern is the increasing number and severity of extreme weather events-with all they entail in terms of loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure that can easily cripple small economies. SIDS are among the Parties least responsible for climate change and are dependent on others to ensure that significant action is taken in support of the Convention. Consequently, they strive not only to support the process directly but also to ensure that proper international action istaken to limit emissions of greenhouse gases and to adapt to climate change.This publication highlights the SIDS' participation in the Convention as well as some of the ongoing needs and concerns that they have expressed in the course of the UNFCCC process."

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