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The development of the SPAMI list

TitreThe development of the SPAMI list
Type de publicationConference Proceedings
Année de publication2003
Conference LocationMarseille
Mots-cléscoastal zone, current status, ecosystem, ecosystem approach, management, marine protected area, network, protected area, selection, SPAMI

This document first describes orientation and approaches for the establishment of a real network of marine protected areas. The first section includes discussions of the advantages of networks of MPAs as opposed to assemblages of unconnected MPAs, the ways in which networks should be designed, the need of identifying gaps, using scientific criteria, and adopting an ecosystem approach, the need of addressing the issue of governance and of establishing a link between the SPAMI system and integrated coastal zone management. The second section of the document describes the current situation of the SPAMI system, and provides a brief summary of the requirements for SPAMIs deriving from the provisions of the Protocol. Finally, the document suggests a number of implementation actions aimed at the improvement of the functionality of the established SPAMIs, and to the achievement of the future harmonic growth of the system into a full-fledged, effective regional network of MPAs.

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