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Economic Analysis Marine Protected Areas : A literature review

TitreEconomic Analysis Marine Protected Areas : A literature review
Type de publicationReport
Année de publication2006
AuteursAlban, Appéré, Boncoeur, Austen, Higgins, Mangi, Marcos, Maynou, Pérez-Ruzafa, Vandeperre
InstitutionEMPAFISH European Marine Protected Areas as tools for Fisheries management and conservation
Mots-cléseconomy, ecosystem, effectiveness, fishery, impact, indicator, management, marine protected area, Mediterranean sea, methodology, protected area, recreation, review, socioeconomic aspects

Work packtage 3 of EMPAFISH is devoted to analyse the socio-economics impacts of MPAs and to select the best subset of indicators of MPA performance, under each management regime, considering socio-economic indicators and providing a quantitative analysis of the socio-economic performance of MPAs.The present booklet review the socio-economic literature dedicated to various aspects of marine protected areas related to ecosystem preservation, fisheries management, recreationnal activities, nd distributional consequences of MPAs and methodolical issues fos cost-benefit analsis and its application to MPAs, and the specific problem of economic valuation of non-market values. MPAs is becoming an experience field for ecnomists and sociologists ans we are just now in the starting point.