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Trilingual online glossary for sustainable development in the Mediterranean

Responding to the lack of scientific literature on biodiversity in Arabic-speaking countries and to the challenge of understanding, interpreting, and translating scientific knowledge into Arabic, RAC/SPA is collaborating with the Marseille Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) - which is the project lead partner under the Sustainable MED programme -, the Paul Cézanne University (Mediterranean Institute of Ecology and Paleoecology - IMEP), the Conservatoire du Littoral, and with the participation of the Damascus University, in the creation of an online thematic trilingual glossary in English, French, Arabic (ecoOnto-Med). The first phase of this thematic glossary focusing on biodiversity terms is now available online, gathering around 150 terms.

ecoOnto-Med can be visited on this link.

The next series of thematic glossaries will focus on: (i) health and environment, (ii) green economy, and (iii) sustainable urban development.