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  • A first training workshop for national experts was organized within the GEF Adriatic Project to launch the implementation process of the monitoring and assessment programme in Montenegro and Albania

  • During the 10th International Aquarium Congress in Fukushima, Japan, 5-10 November 2018, Dr Flegra Bentivigna presented the Mediterranean Action Plan for the conservation of marine turtles, adopted within the Barcelona Convention

  • The updated list of endangered or threatened species found in the Mediterranean entered into force in September 2018. It now includes 10 additional bird species classified as endangered or threatened. This list is established under the Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity Protocol (SPA/BD Protocol) of the Barcelona Convention.

    Balearic (above) and Yelkouan Shearwater (below)
  • SPA/RAC has organized in collaboration with INDICIT Project a sub-regional training session on 1st and 2nd November 2018 at the rescue centre of sea turtle (INSTM), in Monastir, Tunisia.

    INDICIT Project