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  • The ACCOBAMS secretariat and SPA/RAC are organizing a training workshop for the ASI project aerial observers, from 22 to 28 May 2018 in France, in order to conduct the first cetacean large-scale survey during this summer throughout the whole Mediterranean Sea

    ASI Training 2018
  • SPA/RAC organized a workshop for the discussion and validation of the national monitoring programme of biodiversity in Algeria, on May 13th2018 in Algier with the collaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy in Algeria

  • INAT launches a call for applications to participate in a training on the rapid identification of introduced species through the "DNA barcode", which will take place in Tunis, from 26 September to 3 October 2018

    Torquigener flavimaculosus in Tyre, Southern Lebanon ©SPA/RAC, Yassine Ramzi SGHAIER
  • The first environmental film festival in Tunisia "ENVIROFEST TUNISIA" is taking place from 3 to 5 May 2018 in Tunis, May 9 in Kef, May 11 in Redayef and May 12 in Gabes. SPA/RAC is participating in this event.

    Environmental film celebrated in Tunisia